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Logo: Astoria Hotel Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

Astoria Hotel Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

Karl Marx avenue, 66 Dnepropetrovsk 49000, Ukraine
Ukraine, Holiday Vacation Trips Europe
Ukraine Hotel-Resort Category : 3 star

 Hotelview: Astoria Hotel Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

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LOCATION: The building of the hotel "Astoria" was build in 1912 - 1913, and for today it is one of the not many hotels which remained its style and primary look.

At the end of the XIX century the housekeeper of the lot was A.M. Kravtsov and at the beginning of the XX century - Sara Kravtsova. In the 1912 before the beginning of the construction, on this lot was situated hotel "Slavyanskaya", after this it was changed to the Safonov's rooms, then in 1909 - hotel "Continental". The building of the hotel "Astoriya" one of the biggest buildings of the city among buildings, which was build in the 1910 and one of the most interesting examples of the Ukrainian "classical modern". The author of the building is unknown.Editorial office of the Bolshevik newspaper "Zvezda" rented rooms. Now it is modern regional newspaper "Zorya".

During the armed rebellion in December 1917 "Astoriya" was in the center of the battle. From the windows of "Astoriya" Red Army men fired occupied by Gaidamaky "Glavpochtamt". Since January till April 1918 in this building was situated different Bolshevik organizations.After German occupation in April 1918 the hotel was returned to its owners and renewed its work. During this period in Ekaterinoslav lived and worked a lot of very famous writers and artists.

Writer Aleksey Tolstoy described the atmosphere in the hotel in his book "The road of sorrow".In December, 1918 "Astoriya" was occupied by Red Army men - there were Red Army headquarters and in one day they were fired by army of Directoriya headed by ataman Samokish who also placed his headquarter in "Astoriya".

During the short time "Astoriya" passed from one hands to enother. Machno's headquarter and revolutionary committee was situated in this hotel. From the hotel "Astoriya" was pronounced about the restoration of the Soviet Power. During the battles in September - October of 1943 the building didn't suffer though its equipment was stalled. In 1949 "Astoriya" was renamed in "Dnepr". In 1980th its previous historical name was returned to this hotel.

Accommodation: Astoria Hotel Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

ACCOMMODATION: Hotel "Astoria" - it is the ideal place for work and rest. Roomy, light, comfortable rooms are always ready for Your arrival. There are 22 rooms in the hotel. Roomy bathrooms, TV, refrigerators, city phone with international communication (bill for your phone talk you can receive in the reception in two minutes) are situated in the rooms. Apartments, lux and semi lux are equipped by air conditioners. Different payment terms, VISA and MasterCard are appreciated.

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: Astoriya" hotel is the perfect place for work and rest: wide (20-40 sq.m) light, comfortable singled or doubled rooms luxury rooms and apartments of 60 square meters are always ready for your arrival.

In the yard of "Astoriya" hotel there is a restaurant "Astoriya" the ideal place to spend official and friendly meetings. Our hotel has a barber's and a hairdresser's, a dry-cleaning room, a round-the-clock supermarket, a cafe, a health-improvement complex, Finish sauna, jacuzzi a swimming-pool and a billiard room. You will enjoy our prices. Highly skilled personnel will do everything possible to make your staying at our hotel enjoyable.

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