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Logo: Hotel Central Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

Hotel Central Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

K.Marx Ave.50, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Ukraine, Holiday Vacation Trips Europe
Ukraine Hotel-Resort Category : 3 star

 Hotelview: Hotel Central Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

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LOCATION: We suppose that everytime you plan a trip, you face the same problem: where to stay in a foreign country. We realise that the impression of a country is largely formed by the quality of the services it offers. This is why our staff aims every effort at bringing the quality of our services to world standards.

We offer hotel "CENTRAL" in the centre of Dnepropetrovsk on a daily payment basis. Our modern and comfortable rooms, decorated in European style, will create this atmosphere of peace and comfort found only at home. For nearly 60 years we have been doing our best to lead our hotel to the point when competition is no longer a challenge. Today Hotel CENTRAL is popular among tourists as well as many international businesses represented in Ukraine.

Accommodation: Hotel Central Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

Our regular customers appreciate our unique combination of highest quality service and reasonable prices. We are proud that everyone who has ever stayed with us duly appreciates our efforts. It can be said with certainty that neither at Dnepropetrovsk hotels nor with similar companies will you experience the quality and value for your money that we offer.

You can be certain, that from the time you stay with us you will never have to ask yourself the same question - where to accommodate yourself in Dnepropetrovsk. The answer will come naturally.

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