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Lakes of Ukraine

Ukraine Lakes
Kosovskoye Lake
A lake in Ukraine. It can also be spelled "Kosovskoj."

Lake Kurukove
A freshwater lake located in the central Ukrainian oblast of Poltava.

Shatsky Ozera
Mean "Lakes of Shatsk" in Ukrainian. They are located in North-Western Ukraine and are qualified as clean waters. The biggest lake and the most famous is Svitiaz.
Synevir is the biggest lake in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. It is located in Mizhhirskyi Raion, Zakarpatska Oblast not far from a village of Synevirska Poliana and is the part of the National natural preserve "Synevir" which was established only in 1989. Scientists estimate that the lake appeared 10 thousands years ago. In 2008 the lake was recognized as the one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine.
Yalpug Lake
A freshwater lake located in the southern Ukrainian oblast of Odessa. The largest natural lake in Ukraine, it covers an area of 149 km², has an average depth of about 2 metres, a maximum depth of 5.5 metres and, at its southern-most point, adjoins Ozero Kugurluy.

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